Sump pump failure is no laughing matter

March has been a wet month in Cleveland. So far we’ve had nearly four inches of rain, about 30 percent more than the average for this month. What that means is that if you have a sump pump, it’s been working overtime. Now’s the time to be extra vigilant about sump pump failure.

We all know how devastating a flooded basement can be. Unfortunately, the newscasts will soon feature stories of people who lost everything because of flooding by any number of causes. In some cases, the cause is inescapable: no one can keep a river from cresting, for example. And […]

Why you need a sump pump battery backup

Every winter and spring we get calls about failed sump pumps. Thawing snow coupled with some rain showers can put a real strain on your pump. Throughout the month we’ve seen stories of storm-related power outages that have affected neighborhoods and cities of northeast Ohio. It seems that winter power outages are becoming more common.

Let’s be honest, a sump pump is pretty easy to ignore. If it’s working right, you’re not ever going to think about it. But be assured, this can lead to trouble, so this post is about why you should have a sump pump battery backup. Doing […]

Call The Plumbing Source for emergency plumbing repairs

Greater Cleveland has been under a barrage of storms in the last few days. According to WKYC Channel 3 Meteorologist Betsy Kling, we’ve received well over an inch of rain in many areas. When that much rain comes down, it’s very common for homeowners to have their sump pumps fail. The pumps burn out trying to keep up with the water flow caused by the rain.

Needless to say, without a sump pump, your basement will flood, and that’s a costly problem to clean up. So if you haven’t heard your pump come on, call us immediately. We’ll replace your sump […]

A battery backup can save you heartache!

A properly operating sump pump calls no attention to itself. Even in this era of the Internet of Things, sump pumps do not usually have the ability to alert you to problems. They do not sound horns like smoke detectors, send messages to your smart phone via WiFi, or activate alarms like septic tanks. If, for example, the power goes out, sump pumps simply stop working, your basement floods, and your life gets miserable. The solution to sump pumps quietly failing are battery backups.


3 things to know about sump pumps

With all the rain we’ve gotten over the past week or so, we’re getting more and more calls from customers who have problems with their sump pump. So today we’re going to give you some basic information about how these units operate and when they are likely to fail.

Some of the most unglamorous parts of a home or business can be the most important. Sump pumps will never attract admirers, or customers, but a failing sump pump can make your home nearly unlivable, and drive away customers from your business. Three basic, unglamorous things you need to know about sump […]