Weekend storms cause problems for your drain and sump pump

Published On: June 16, 2019Categories: Sump pumps

flooded roadThis past weekend torrential rains came across Northeast Ohio in waves. According to WKYC-TV Chief Meteorologist Betsy Kling, parts of the region could receive as much as four inches of rain on top of ground that is already saturated with water. Flood warnings and flash-flood warnings were crawled across our TV screens throughout the weekend. Unfortunately, many homeowners are going to experience flooded basements, often due to a failed or burned out sump pump.

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You’ll also find our blog post Why you need a sump pump battery backup helpful. The importance of having a battery backup cannot be over emphasized.

All of us at The Plumbing Source hope you survived these storms without any damage or inconvenience. But if you need to have a drain cleared or a sump pump replaced, call our emergency hot line at 877-768-7239. We have the equipment, experience and professional technicians to handle the job and a fleet of trucks to service the area.

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