Backflow, Waste Water, Your Responsibility

Backflow, Waste Water, Your Responsibility

Backflow prevention devices are required by the EPA, State of Ohio (Administrative Code 3745-95), and Ohio Plumbing Code (chapter 608) to be installed where there is a potential health or contamination threat within the consumer’s plumbing system. This mandate includes utilizing a certified, licensed contractor like The Plumbing Source.

Drinking Contaminated Water Is Not Acceptable.

What is backflow ? Backflow is a violation of the public health code. It occurs when contaminants are introduced into the potable water system and flow back into the safe drinking water supply. This is usually caused by mainline breaks, fire hydrant use or pressurized pumps. It can contaminate an entire neighborhood’s water supply. Backflow Preventer Devices keep this from happening by sensing the change of flow and closing the line until pressure normalizes. If your city or municipality notifies you about backflow requirements, contact The Plumbing Source at 216-524-7797 or click here to email us.

How a BackFlow Preventer Device Works

The device acts as a stop-gap to keep contaminated water from infiltrating a clean water supply.

Without it, dirty water flows from one community site to the other and gets pulled into the main water supply, essentially contaminating the whole supply since all properties are connected to one water line.