Sewer, Water
& Gas Lines

Sewer, Water
& Gas Lines

When the city of Cleveland and its surrounding communities need underground pipeline repairs, they know who to call: The Plumbing Source. The Plumbing Source brings highly-skilled technicians, pipe-lining and pipe renewal technologies, plus a wealth of specialized digging to quickly and efficiently solve your problems with minimum mess.

What’s That Smell? Troubles in the Sewer Lines

Nothing is worse than a leaking or clogged sewer line, except when it backs up. The issues tend to get more serious and more expensive the longer you wait. To address it right away, contact The Plumbing Source if you notice:

  • strange sounds from your pipes

  • foul smells, indoor or outdoor

  • water marks on your walls and ceilings

  • wet basement walls or floor

  • standing or ponding water in your yard

  • slow drainage system