Sump Pumps

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Sump Pumps

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Ohio’s soil is comprised of heavy clay which can lead to slowing draining of the foundation, standing water, and wet or flooded basements. The Plumbing Source has been providing expert sump pump repair, maintenance and new installations since 1985.

Sump Pump Pumped Out? What to Look For.

Excessive rain and water can contribute to slab leaks, basement flooding and foundation problems. The sump pump works to collect foundational ground water and pumps it away from your home’s perimeter so that the water does not seep through the walls and floor of your basement. Signs you may need a sump pump are:

  • Excessive dampness or standing water in basement
  • Heavy rain or snow accumulation
  • You live in a low-lying area, valley or your home sits on a slab
  • Broken underground pipes