Sump pump failure is no laughing matter

Published On: March 30, 2018Categories: Sump pumps

a flooded basementMarch has been a wet month in Cleveland. So far we’ve had nearly four inches of rain, about 30 percent more than the average for this month. What that means is that if you have a sump pump, it’s been working overtime. Now’s the time to be extra vigilant about sump pump failure.

We all know how devastating a flooded basement can be. Unfortunately, the newscasts will soon feature stories of people who lost everything because of flooding by any number of causes. In some cases, the cause is inescapable: no one can keep a river from cresting, for example. And major storms are impossible to predict or to adequately plan for.

That’s why it’s so important to actually do those things that are within your control! And we know that you can take steps to reduce the risk of sump pump failure.

Are you unfamiliar with how your sump pump works? If so, here is a basic explanation of things to know about sump pumps that you may find helpful.

Of course, we’re advocates of having a battery backup for your sump pump. Maybe the fact that you haven’t had a catastrophic loss has lulled you into believing a battery backup isn’t necessary. Well, at least consider it, okay? Here is a short piece that explains why you need a sump pump battery backup.

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