Call a professional plumber to fix or replace damaged pipes

Our phones ring off the hook every time there is a change of season, especially when the cold weather of fall and the bitterly cold weather of winter make a surprising, sooner-than-expected appearance. People get caught off guard. We understand this. All those common-sense preventative measures you meant to get to somehow fell through the cracks. When problems arise, the smartest call to make is often to a professional plumber.

Among the many jobs that should be left to a professional plumber is fixing a pipe that has cracked or burst. Now that sounds like an easy repair, right?

Unfortunately, pipe repair […]

Plumbing tools every homeowner should have

Buying your first home is always exciting. It symbolizes the putting down of roots in a community. Once you’re a homeowner, you have a real stake in the place where you live. To keep your home safe, you’ll need a variety of plumbing tools to help you maintain and occasionally to do repairs on your plumbing system.

So here is a list of basic plumbing tools that any homeowner should have. If you don’t have these, you can acquire them one at a time over time. Our advice is to buy the best quality tool you can afford. Cheap tools break […]

What you need to know about summer plumbing repairs

Is there ever a convenient time to need plumbing repairs? Of course not. And that is precisely why you need a plan of action to put into place when an emergency arises. What you do in the first two minutes after a pipe bursts, for example, can determine whether the damage you incur is calculated in the hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars.

Your home’s plumbing is a system. When properly maintained, it can operate safely and efficiently for years. The problems arise when the system is neglected. Sometimes this neglect takes the form of pipes not being properly insulated, […]

Here’s one job that requires a professional plumber

When something goes wrong in your home, or when a plumbing problem arises, you have two immediate options. First, you could decide to fix it yourself. Or, you can call a professional plumber. It’s a free choice based entirely on your own knowledge and skills. So replacing a dishwasher or garbage disposal might be a do-it-yourself project. The same with replacing a sump pump or a leaking faucet.

However, there is one category of repair that we think should always involve getting a professional plumber involved: new installations that involve electricity or natural gas.

If, for example, you’re hooking up a brand […]

Why every homeowner should have a plumber

Most of us have a trusting relationship with people we do business with on a regular basis. For example, women will usually go to the same hair stylist, men will go to the same barber for years, and we prefer to take our cars in to the same garage for service.
A lot of this has to do with convenience, but there’s a larger issue at work here. We tend to do business with people we know, like and trust. We think everyone should have their own plumber – someone they trust and can turn to with confidence when the need […]