Three Outside Plumbing Problems to Avoid

Published On: July 16, 2019Categories: Plumbing Repairs

When we think about our home’s plumbing, it seems that we automatically think about everything that’s going on inside the home, like sinks, showers, bathtubs, pipes and fixtures. But there’s more to your home’s plumbing system. Don’t forget you’ve got outside spigots, possibly an in-ground sprinkler system, and a sewer line to be aware of. In this blog post, we’ll remind you of three problems you’ll need to aware of and how to prevent them.

Problem One: A clogged sewer line

A clog in your sewer line can cause real havoc with your plumbing system. From time to time, we’ve all had a slow running sink or a clogged toilet. Those isolated problems are easy to fix. But if you’re experiencing slow drains and clogged toilets throughout your house, then the problem is a clogged sewer line. This problem is far more common than you may think!

Usually, a clogged sewer line is due to one of two causes: material being flushed down the toilet that shouldn’t be and invasive tree roots. The only thing that should go down the toilet is human waste and toilet paper. Baby wipes, tampons and sanitary napkins should never be flushed down the toilet.

Of course, you have no control over tree roots. But you can’t rule them out when you have a clogged sewer line. A video camera inspection done by a plumbing professional will help identify where the clog is and what it’s made of. If you suspect you have a clogged sewer line, call The Plumbing Source immediately. This is not a do-it-yourself repair.

Problem Two: A Damaged Sprinkler System

A sprinkler system is a godsend when you have a large lawn and the social pressure to keep it in pristine condition. Unfortunately, these systems can be difficult to maintain. Watch for wet spots on the lawn that cannot be explained. Such spots are usually the sign of a leak. Of course, sprinkler heads that have failed to retract have been known to be damaged by lawn mowers. These are typically easy to spot due to the erratic nature of the spray they produce.

It’s a good ideas to walk your lawn and do a visual inspection once a week or so to make sure you don’t find anything awry. And remember, it’s never a good idea to run the sprinklers when the system is damaged. You’ll be wasting water and possibly causing even more damage to the system.

Problem Three: Frozen Outdoor Faucets

Your outdoor faucets are prone to freezing, especially in Northeast Ohio with our wild temperature swings and polar vortex events. Your faucets should have a shut-off valve inside your home. To prepare for winter, close this valve and then drain the water from the faucet and keep it open. It’s not a bad idea to place an insulated cover of the faucet to protect it from snow and freezing rain.

If you have outdoor plumbing problems, you have a choice: You can attempt to fix the problem yourself and possibly make it much worse, or you can bring in the experts from The Plumbing Source. We’ve been fixing outdoor plumbing problems all throughout Northeast Ohio for nearly 35 years. We’ve seen the problem before, and we know how to fix it, professionally and affordably.

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