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Video inspection allows us to diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently.

Video Inspection - The Plumbing SourceWhat blocks, damages or restricts the flow of water in sewer lines?  Shifting soil, root infiltration, grease buildup and extreme temperature changes can cause problems that require water & sewer line repairs.  With the passage of time, all these things can put pressure on the pipes causing them to crack.

Diagnosing these sewer and water line problems can be tricky. We try very hard to avoid tearing up your yard because this process is labor intensive and temporary affects the beauty of your yard. The preferred method is to quickly look into the drain line with our special sewer camera to determine the problem area. This will eliminate any guess work and unnecessary digging. The sewer camera is also known as a video inspection.


Cleveland BBBIn the plumbing world, not all equipment is created equal.  That is why we have top-of-the-line Spartan sewer machines and Jetters.  The grandfather of them all is called The Mongoose Jetter!  Designed to push water up to 4,000 psi for the extra long lines up to 600 feet.  Depending on space and requirements for excavation jobs,  we have a small  and large backhoes to get the job done!  With the right equipment, our plumbers make the difference! 

Gas Lines

Certification is a must!   Our technicians are DOT Certified.  Repair to gas lines or connecting your new appliance is service we offer.  Need a gas line for the new pool?  We can do that too!

Emergency service, 7 days a week including nights and weekends.

Excavation - The Plumbing Source

The Plumbing Source services include:Excavation - The Plumbing Source

  • Plumbing and Sewer Cleaning
  • Excavation and Gas Lines
  • Wells & Pumps
  • Camera and Video Inspections
  • Jetting

Excavation - The Plumbing Source


The Plumbing Source


At The Plumbing Source, we guarantee quality service for all of your plumbing, drain cleaning and remodeling needs. We encourage you to visit our Customer Testimonials to see why we have such an outstanding customer service record.

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