Protect your home with a backwater valve

Published On: December 23, 2018Categories: Water & Sewer Line Repair

Here’s something you’ve seen many times on the news: A storm rips through greater Cleveland, and some unlucky homeowners have raw sewage flowing into their basements from the floor drain. Let’s face it, you’d do anything to prevent this, wouldn’t you? There is a solution. It’s called a backwater valve.

Don’t think you’re out of danger just because summer is over! Flooded basements can just as easily occur in winter as in summer, especially when rains come atop already fallen snow. When that happens, the snow melt and rain combine to overwhelm the sewer system, sending sewage back into homes.

What is a backwater valve? It’s a device in the water pipe that prevents sewage from flowing back into a home or building. It’s designed to allow water or sewage to flow only one way, and that is out of your house. A properly installed and maintained backwater valve will keep raw sewage from backing up into your house.

Contaminated water backing up into your home will ruin everything it touches. It’s not uncommon to see damages well in excess of $25,000. With that kind of financial loss at stake, it makes sense to be proactive and ensure you have a backwater valve protecting your home.

Installing a backwater valve is not easy. You may have to break through a cement floor near the floor drain, dig down to the main sewer line, cut out a portion of it and install a new valve. You’ll likely also need a permit from your city.

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