Selection and service make remodeling a breeze!

Remodeling a kitchen, bath or basement can be a great, exciting experience, or it can be a nightmare. One of the biggest headaches homeowners deal with is waiting for sub-contractors to finish their piece of the project before it can move on to the next stage.

Any remodeling project results in having your home torn up to some extent. There is always a bit of inconvenience, but the outcome is usually well worth any problems you encountered along the way.

The Plumbing Source can eliminate “the waiting game,” because we employ our own professional remodelers who work closely with our plumbers to […]

Kohler bathtubs offer the ultimate in relaxation

There is nothing quite like relaxing in a hot bath at the end of a stressful day.  Soaking away muscle tightness caused by anxiety is helpful for anyone struggling with the demands of family and career. Relaxing in a hot bath also is helpful in alleviating muscle aches that come with aging.

The practice of hydrotherapy goes back centuries. Some credit Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, with first recognizing the therapeutic benefits of water. Others give the nod to the ancient Egyptians. Either way, evidence of water therapy that began in antiquity continued through the ages – a time-tested validation of […]

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Kohler brings extraordinary beauty to the bathroom

Most people think of the toilet as an ordinary, everyday necessity. Seen one, see ’em all. But once you’ve seen some of the extraordinary toilets made by Kohler, you’ll think differently. […]

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