Kohler brings extraordinary beauty to the bathroom

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Most people think of the toilet as an ordinary, everyday necessity. Seen one, see ’em all. But once you’ve seen some of the extraordinary toilets made by Kohler, you’ll think differently.

Kohler Sans-Souci toiletAnything but ordinary, Kohler’s designs for today’s modern families are so sleek and sophisticated that it’s worth redoing a bathroom around them. No kidding. Style, economy and technology combine to deliver the most attractive styles and germ-free operation available in toilets today.

Styles that surprise

Shaped for style and easy cleaning, Kohler toilets come in sleek, low-profile designs and surprising geometric shapes, including square and rectangular! In addition to conventional floor-mounted models, Kohler also offers a variety of wall-mounted designs that give the bathroom a sophisticated, futuristic look and simplify bathroom cleaning.

The available colors will surprise you, too. In addition to white, Kohler offers multiple shades of blacks, neutrals, grays and browns with imaginative names such as Biscuit, Almond, Sandbar and Cashmere.

No-touch technology

The operation of Kohler toilets also surprise. Consider this: Kohler offers flushing-without-touching technology that makes flushing the toilet virtually germ-free, too. That’s a huge plus anytime, but especially when cold and flu germs run rampant.

Much like magic, a simple wave of the hand over Kohler’s Sans Souci toilet tank is enough to activate a powerful flush that needs only 1.28 gallons of water to swirl down everything in its bowl. (Compare that to the 3.5-gallon flush most conventional toilets require. Kohler’s Sans Souci toilet saves 16,500 gallons of water a year!)

For super conservationists who want to use even less water, Kohler offers two-button operation that provides less of a flush for No. 1 and more of a flush for No. 2.


On six consecutive occasions the Environmental Protection Agency has recognized Kohler, a partner in the EPA’s WaterSense program, for water-saving products that meet strict performance standards. Look for the EPA’s WaterSense label on Kohler products.

Other Kohler amenities

  • Kohler Nightlight technology illuminates the toilet seat with options for two levels of brightness. When nature calls in the middle of the night, you can find your way to a Kohler Nightlight toilet without ever turning on the light.
  • Kohler also offers a carbon deodorizing system that neutralizes odors and a built-in freshener that releases a light scent.
  • Kohler’s Quiet Close technology automatically shuts the lid when you’re finished.

American innovation

The highlights here are only a fraction of the products and technology available from the Kohler brand. Founded in 1897, the worldwide company is headquartered in Wisconsin. The company has brought to market a remarkable 28 new, innovative water-saving toilets, including  technologies such as the dual-flush toilet. Time and again, Kohler proves that water efficiency can be integrated into luxury products without sacrificing performance or design.

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