When you should really, really hire a professional plumber!

Published On: July 22, 2015Categories: Plumbing Repairs, Sewer & Drain Cleaning, Water Heaters

Plumber at workSome people want to do every repair themselves. They thrive on the challenges that crop up with owning a home. They actually enjoy wrestling a problem to the ground and coming out the victor – it’s almost an obsession, and we think that’s perfectly okay.

But let’s face it, most of us dread taking on jobs that spin out of control or that take us beyond our capabilities. We often go into a project with good intentions, but then find ourselves in way over our heads, wasting time and spending far more money than we expected.

When it comes to making plumbing repairs, unless you have some training and/or a lot of patience, there are times when your best call is to a licensed professional plumber. Here are three common plumbing problems you should seriously think twice about before taking on yourself.

1. Plugged sewer line. If your sewer line keeps backing up, you probably have a nasty plug in the line that goes out to the main sewer. Sometimes an object has gotten into the line, but more often than not it’s full of tree roots. You can rent a machine to clean out the line, but the machine could actually do more harm than good. A qualified plumber with drain cleaning experience can take care of this faster than you ever could on your own. In the end, you’ll save lots of time and money, too.

2. Replacing a hot water tank. Looks easy, doesn’t it? Unless you can’t fit into the closet or you’ve never unpacked one before. Call a plumber. He’ll bring it to your house, professionally install it, test it, and dispose of your old one – all while you’re watching the Golf Channel. Do you really want the hassle of trying to do it yourself?

3. Low or no water pressure. This problem can be caused by several factors. You could have low water pressure from your provider or well or there could be leaks or obstructions. Before you blow an afternoon or evening chasing blind leads, do the sensible thing and call a plumber. A good plumber will figure out what’s causing the problem and make the repair.

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