Upgrade your shower with a Grohe Retro-Fit Shower System

Published On: February 8, 2016Categories: Bathroom Remodeling, Grohe, Luxury Showers, Uncategorized

Grohe logoToday’s brand-new homes feature very luxurious enhancements to the full bathroom — from oversized garden tubs with whirlpool action to multi-spray showers. Homeowners who are not planning to buy or build a new home can still have that spa-like shower experience thanks to the Grohe Retro-Fit Shower System.

Grohe makes it easy to upgrade an existing shower with a luxurious, multi-spray experience akin to a walk in an Amazon rain forest. Quick and easy to install, the Grohe Retro-Fit Shower System does not require homeowners to change the tiles or remove any of the original shower enclosure. The Grohe Retro-Fit Shower System immediately creates a fully customized shower experience.

Consider these amenities: a shower head that swivels to the perfect angle with the added convenience of a hand shower. What’s more, both the head and hand showers can be operated simultaneously! These and other new additions to the Grohe Retro-Fit Shower System  provide a relaxing rain shower experience, easily adaptable to any style bathroom.

Grohe’s meticulously engineered details leave nothing to chance. For instance, Grohe showerheads can be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted. A choice of two lengths of shower arm gives homeowners more flexibility in positioning the shower head for their maximum comfort and ensures compatibility with a range of ceiling heights.

The compact size of Grohe’s fixed shower heads is perfect for small shower areas. The angle of the shower head can be adjusted to direct the water in the most comfortable position.

With Grohe’s remarkable selection of shower heads for the Retro-Fit System, homeowners can easily turn an ordinary shower into an extraordinary shower experience. Options include:

  • Shower heads with ergonomic design.
  • Flush-mounted ceiling shower heads that “disappear” into the bathroom architecture.
  • Shower heads engineered to reduce water consumption.
  • Shower heads that reduce the amount of water used by up to 20 percent.
  • Shower heads that distribute the water evenly to every nozzle for an unparalleled showering experience.
  • Shower heads that provide an extra measure of safety, ensuring the handle never becomes too hot to hold.

Simply put, any style or any size shower can go from mundane to magnificent with a Grohe Retro-Fit Shower System. Call us today for help in selecting the Grohe Retro-Fit Shower System that’s right for you.

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