Two books perfect for new homeowners

Published On: November 29, 2019Categories: Plumbing tips

This Christmas season, many of you will be buying presents for your children or grandchildren who have recently moved into their first home. You know how important it is to keep up with the routine maintenance a home requires – especially if the home is more than 30 years old. Today, we’re going to recommend two books for homeowners that we think your kids will turn to again and again. We’re even going to give you direct links to Amazon to make buying easy. (Note: we do not have any affiliation with Amazon and do not benefit in any way from your purchase.)

The first book is the Ultimate Guide to Plumbing, which bills itself as the complete home plumbing guide. The truth is that many young people today have no practical knowledge of plumbing, and this book will help them undertake those simple repairs (and even some more advanced ones) that every homeowner should be able to handle. This book shows how to:

  • Unclog drains and fix leaky faucets
  • Install sinks, faucets, water softeners, lawn sprinklers and more
  • Make fixture improvements that add value to your home
  • Take action in an emergency

The book has 304 pages and more than 800 photos! You can find more information about it at Amazon.


The other book is from the same series: The Ultimate Guide to Home Repair and Improvement.

This is a 600-page book with more than 3,000 repairs and illustrations of more than 300 step-by-step projects a homeowner may want to undertake. It’s the kind of book even experienced homeowners will pick up again and again. It’s worth it for the index and glossary of terms alone!

You can find it at your favorite bookstore or at this link to Amazon.

By the way, if you give either of these books as gifts, please also pass along our phone number, just in case they run into a problem that’s beyond their ability to handle. We’ve been helping people all over greater Cleveland solve their plumbing problems for 35 years. We’re here to help, 24/7.

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