Tips to Avoid Winter Plumbing Repairs; Part 2

Published On: January 8, 2021Categories: Plumbing tips

Lowering temperatures during the winter season can cause unwanted plumbing problems if you don’t prepare your home plumbing for freezing temperatures and harsh weather. If your plumbing system is not secured, it may put your pipes and outside faucets at risk for cracking or freezing, resulting in thousands of dollars in repairs.

The following are some of the best tips from experienced technicians to help you prepare your leaky sillocks for the cold season and avoid expensive plumbing repairs.

Inspect the Outside Pipes: The first thing to do to prevent pipe damage is to make sure your pipes are in excellent condition. If you have pipes outside your home, get foaming material to wrap around the exposed parts. Go to the local plumbing store, purchase pool noodles (small pieces of polyethylene foam), and cover the pipes. By covering the pipes, you will protect them from freezing or bursting when temperatures drop below zero.

Lose the Outdoor Hose: Until spring returns, your best plumbing defense is to disconnect the garden hose. Make sure to do this before the harsh weather kicks in to avoid expensive plumbing damage. Leaving a hose outside can cause the water inside to freeze and spread to your connecting pipes and faucets, causing avoidable damages and repairs.

Keep Consistent Home Temperature: Maintaining a consistent temperature at home during the winter months can prevent pipes from leaking or bursting. Regularly check your thermostat and furnace to make sure warm air is circulating through the pipes. If you don’t have a thermostat at home, try wrapping the pipes with heating tape to protect and keep them warm at all times. The wrapping tape serves as insulation and can prevent serious plumbing repairs during frigid temperatures.

Fix All Leaks: There is no better time to repair leaks in the bathroom, kitchen, or basement than when the temperatures are still relatively high. Check all the faucets, making sure they are tight and in good condition. If you notice any leaks, call your local plumber to come and inspect the damage. A professional plumber will determine the cause of the leak and suggest the best solution to fix the problem. With a reputable and qualified plumber by your side, your pipes will be restored to excellent shape and ready for the winter months. Leaving small leaks untreated may result in severe damage and expensive plumbing repairs.

Drain the Water Heater: For homeowners who live in an area with hard water, it is essential to drain the water heater to avoid sediment and rust build-up. Sediment and rust can quickly find a way to your cooking, drinking, and bathing water, causing damage to your plumbing system and endangering your health. If your water heater is already rusted or has accumulated sediment inside, consider cleaning it thoroughly or purchase a new one before the winter temperatures kick in.

Clean the Sump Pump Basin: Before winter, it is essential to check and clean the sump pump and the basin in which it sits. In low temperatures, the pump can freeze, break, or stop working. When something like this happens, water from the pump can enter your home and cause leaks, especially when winter storms are in full swing. To avoid expensive plumbing repairs and serious issues, inspect your pump and basin in the fall before the temperatures start dropping.

Keep the Water Running: When the temperatures drop below freezing, let water drip out of your faucets. The water needs to keep circulating through the pipes instead of pooling inside and freezing. If you think you have a broken pipe or a faulty faucet, shut the water off quickly and call your local plumber to investigate the cause. Shutting off will help to contain the damage and avoid a more severe repair.

The winter period should be full of happy moments, family get-togethers, and holiday celebrations, without worrying about broken pipes, frozen faucets, or additional plumbing issues. Follow these tips to prepare your home for the upcoming winter months and repair your plumbing system in advance to avoid an expensive disaster.

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