Tips to make your new dishwasher last longer

Published On: December 14, 2019Categories: Plumbing tips

dishwasherCheck out any appliance store or big box retailer this holiday season and you’ll find dishwashers are a hot-selling item. If you’ve taken the plunge into a new dishwasher, we have some tips to make your new dishwasher last longer. Given what you just spent, we advise you to ignore these tips at your own peril!

Don’t load your dishes full of food! The appliance salesperson will tell you that you can just scrape the plate once and the dishwasher will do the rest of the work. They are trying to convince you of how easy the dishwasher is to use. While you don’t technically have to rinse the plates off completely, you might find that this is actually a good practice, especially if you have a garbage disposal. Use your garbage disposal for food scraps, and put nicely rinsed dishes in the dishwasher to ensure a long product life.

Make sure your water softener is up to par. This is especially true if you live in places like Hudson, Aurora, or Streetsboro where the water can be especially hard. If your water conditioning system isn’t functioning properly, you’ll find grit and spots on your glasses and silverware. By the way, you can get a water test kit from Lowe’s or Home Depot or your local hardware store to see how your conditioner is doing.

Don’t pack the dishwasher beyond its capacity. Check out the owner’s manual to see the best way to load the dishwasher. With multiple racks, the method may not be as obvious as you think, and if you overload it or put items in the wrong place, you could be blocking the spray arm or limiting its effectiveness.

Don’t skimp on dishwashing detergent. You wouldn’t think of putting cheap oil in a new car, so why put a cheap detergent in your brand new dishwasher? Pre-measured pods are extra convenient, and every dishwasher model has a built-in measuring cup dispenser. Use the appropriate amount, and use a detergent specifically designed for dishwasher use. Never use hand soap in a dishwasher.

Use hot water to run your dishwasher. It’s a good idea to run the kitchen faucet until full hot water comes out. That way you know your dishwasher will be using truly hot water. You may want to check your hot water heater. If you’re heating water above 120 degrees, you’re wasting energy and running a risk of serious burns. If you’re under 100 degrees, you’re not getting the best results from your dishwasher. Try to keep your water at or near 120 degrees for best performance.

There you have it! Five simple tips that will help you keep your dishwasher working at peak performance for years to come. We have other tips to share with you about keeping your dishwasher clean that we’ll put into a separate blog post.

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