Tips to Lower Your Energy Bills This Summer

Published On: June 1, 2021Categories: Uncategorized

According to the US Energy Information Administration, the cost of electricity is on the rise because of fluctuating natural gas prices in the global wholesale market. Recent reports from Bloomberg indicate that the cost of residential power is under its most significant surge in prices in over 13 years. The effects of the planet’s temporary recovery from the global shutdowns are waning, and pollution and rising temperatures are starting to take over cities again.

Cooling your home requires a lot of electricity. Whether you’re trying to save a few dollars or the entire planet, lowering your power consumption by following a few practical tips and tricks is always a good idea.

Our five-star plumbers, HVAC technicians, and power consumption experts at The Plumbing Source will let you in on a few techniques they use themselves to keep power costs down. We’ll start with your favorite appliance in the summer, your air conditioner.

Keep Your Air Conditioners Well-Maintained

Research from the Department of Energy reveals that using an air conditioner with a dirty evaporator coil and air filter can increase its power consumption by 15%. If your air conditioner detects that you’re not reaching your desired temperature, it will work twice as hard to pump more cold air into the room.
If you own a commercial property with multiple cooling units, the cost of poorly maintained condensers, vents, pumps, and evaporator coils can add up to thousands of dollars every month. Make sure that you hire trained professionals who can spot problems in your HVAC system early on and clean all its internal parts so you won’t need to replace them frequently.

Use Shades and Blackout Curtains to Keep the Sun Out

Solar orientation is a significant consideration for people trying to build sustainable homes. If you construct your house without discussing how many windows and rooms receive direct sunlight from the outdoors with your architect, your home may be prone to excessive glare and overheating.
If you’re looking for ways to cool your home passively, here are some things you can accomplish without remodeling:
· Install blinds and blackout curtains on north-facing rooms as they absorb the most sunlight throughout the day. Air conditioning units in these rooms will work harder to cool them.
· Unblock the windows on east-facing rooms in the morning as they receive the soft early light from the sun.
· Install shading and blackout curtains on west-facing rooms as they absorb powerful low-angle sunlight in the late afternoon, particularly in the summer.
· Convert south-facing rooms into summer living spaces as they receive the least sunlight.

Ask Your Power Company for an Energy Audit

If you’ve been trying out power-saving tips from the internet for a while now, but you’re still seeing high figures on your power bill, it may be time for an energy audit. Your utility provider will look for drafts and other factors that affect the power consumption and comfort levels in your home.
They will inspect crawl spaces, ducts, and attics to ensure they are insulated and sealed correctly. Installations like basements, recessed lights, and heat pumps will also get a checkup.
If you’re planning to install a home-wide air conditioning system, you can call one of our experts from The Plumbing Source. We’ll ensure that your heating and cooling installations provide sufficient and optimal airflow from room to room.

Call the Professionals for Help

Many DIY remodelers unwittingly increase their power consumption instead of reducing it by trying out unproven techniques and gear from the internet. Call an experienced professional for reliable help when reducing your power costs. Contact The Plumbing Source today by dialing 877-768-7239 and receive a free consultation.

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