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Published On: November 15, 2019Categories: Plumbing tips

choosing a plumber checklistAnyone who has owned a home for any length of time knows that the day will come when you’ll need emergency plumbing repairs. Like any system, your plumbing system has parts that will fail or wear out, especially if neglected over years of use. Here are some valuable tips for choosing a plumber.

Experience. You’ll want someone who’s been in the trenches. A burst pipe can cause thousands of dollars of damage in minutes. Now is not the time to find out your plumber lacks experience! Look for a plumbing company that has been around a while.

Availability. Can you reach your plumber 24 hours a day? If not, you’re at risk. It would be very convenient if your plumbing problems happened during normal business hours, but that’s not how life works, is it? Make sure when choosing a plumber that the company has an emergency line staffed 24/7. You’ll be glad you do when the unthinkable happens.

Accessibility. When you have an emergency, response time is critical. You might think that your local, neighborhood plumber is the one who will arrive first, but that may not be the case at all. For example, The Plumbing Source has many “warehouse on wheels” trucks that are equipped with GPS (global positioning system) technology. Our dispatchers know exactly where each truck is at all times. So whether you’re in Shaker Heights or Lakewood, our truck might be just around the corner!

Professionalism. This should go without saying, but it’s worth noting. You want your plumber to be professionally trained, not someone who picked it up as a hobby. A highly trained professional will give you an accurate and reliable cost estimate after assessing your situation in person and complete the job most efficiently. This efficiency can save you big dollars. What’s more, a professional plumber will take steps to protect your carpet and floors and clean up the area when the job is completed. You should have all your questions answered to your complete satisfaction.

Reputation. Finally, you’ll want to hire a plumber with a track record of success. Reputation is incredibly important when choosing a plumber. Check out their status with the Better Business Bureau or with Angie’s List. Insist on hiring only those with an A+ rating from the BBB.

Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to find the plumber who’s perfect for your needs. And do your homework before an emergency arises. That’s probably the best tip of all!

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