Why searching for fast plumbing service “near me” may not work

Published On: August 9, 2019Categories: Uncategorized

According to Google, people are increasingly using the phrase “near me” when searching for products or services. That makes sense. Nobody in Cleveland looking for an upholsterer wants to see a listing for someone in Altoona, Pennsylvania. But searching for a “plumber near me” may not get you what you’re looking for, and that’s the company that can deliver fast plumbing service to your home.

Here at The Plumbing Source, for example, we have nearly a dozen trucks on the road at any one time and a centralized dispatching service. All of our trucks are equipped with global positioning system devices (GPS), so we know exactly where each truck is at any time.

GPS Assures Fast Plumbing Service

The place from which the truck was first dispatched may be many miles from your home. But in fact, the truck that carries the plumber and equipment you need could be right around the corner.

What you really need to consider is this: which company that services my area will get here the fastest? Take a look at the service area we cover. If you live anywhere in this area, then this is the phone number you should put in your phone right now: 866-768-7239. That’s the 24-hour emergency number for The Plumbing Source. Yes, you will actually talk to a live person when you call that number, because we know how important it is to get fast plumbing service when you have an emergency. This is something we’ve been doing for nearly 40 years.

So just be aware that searching for a “plumber near me” may not get you the plumber that’s nearby! Prepare yourself right now by putting our emergency number in your phone. If you ever have a real plumbing emergency – no matter what time of day or night – you’ll be glad you have our number, and a professional plumber, on hand for immediate service.

GPS equipped trucks are just one more reason we say, “When you call The Plumbing Source, you’ve made the RIGHT call!”

Plumbing emergency? We respond any time!

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