How to extend the life of a water heater

One of the questions we hear a lot from customers is, “Is there anything I can do to make this water heater last as long as possible?” It’s smart to want to extend the life of a water heater! After all, replacing one is not inexpensive and when a water heater fails, you’re in for some unpleasantly cold showers.

In truth, there are a few things that really can help you wrench as much life out of your water heater as possible. Here are a few of our basic recommendations.

1. Drain and flush the water heater. This is especially important if […]

Innovative Moen faucets ideal for bathroom upgrades

Whether you’re looking to do a complete remodeling of your bathroom or just giving it a facelift,  Moen faucets should be on your shopping list. Moen makes a wide range of beautiful faucets that can enhance the elegance of any bathroom, large or small.

One innovation is the M•PACT Common Valve System that allows you to change your faucet style without changing out the plumbing. Using just two tools – an allen wrench and a screwdriver – you can change out your faucet style in minutes. Moen says it’s as easy as changing a light bulb.

What a great idea! Moen faucets […]

Winter plumbing tips you can do in a day

The holidays are fast approaching! Can you believe that Christmas is only about eight weeks away? Fall is the perfect time to review some basic winter plumbing tips that could end up saving you a lot of time and money. Here are some things you can do to keep your house safe and secure in the cold, winter months ahead.

As you clean up your yard and rake the leaves, remember to disconnect your garden hoses and drain your outdoor pipes. Winter’s brutally cold temperatures can cause ice to form in outside lines. A frozen pipe that bursts can cause extensive […]

It’s time to schedule your furnace safety check!

The cold weather will soon be upon us. That means it’s time to schedule your furnace safety check!

Last winter was incredibly mild! If you’ve spent any time in greater Cleveland, you know that this winter is going to be colder and we’ll have more snow than we had last year. Now’s the time to schedule your furnace safety check.

Don’t wait for freezing temperatures to find out that you have a problem! Get our safety check done as soon as possible, and you’ll have peace of mind all winter long.  (Oil furnaces not included.)

If you need a furnace or air conditioning […]

Call a professional plumber to fix or replace damaged pipes

Our phones ring off the hook every time there is a change of season, especially when the cold weather of fall and the bitterly cold weather of winter make a surprising, sooner-than-expected appearance. People get caught off guard. We understand this. All those common-sense preventative measures you meant to get to somehow fell through the cracks. When problems arise, the smartest call to make is often to a professional plumber.

Among the many jobs that should be left to a professional plumber is fixing a pipe that has cracked or burst. Now that sounds like an easy repair, right?

Unfortunately, pipe repair […]