Let us handle your new faucet installation

A faucet installation is among the most common plumbing repairs that consumers need. Want to give your kitchen an inexpensive upgrade? Something eye-catching that also has incredible new technology features like hands-free controls? We suggest you start by changing out that old kitchen faucet for a brand new one from Moen.

Many people tackle the installation of a new faucet on their own. You Tube is packed with videos showing you how to install a kitchen faucet, and without question, the process looks simple and easy. You might be tempted to take on the project on a day off or on […]

Four avoidable summer plumbing problems

At The Plumbing Source, we get calls every day of the year from homeowners who are having some kind of plumbing, heating or air conditioning problem. While some of these are major problems, many are smaller in nature and often very preventable. So in the spirit of helping you keep your summer problem free, here are four common summer plumbing problems that seem to crop up every June or July.

Sump pump quits working. Sometimes sump pumps fail. At other times, debris gets into the sump and prevents the float from activating the switch that turns it on. Or you could […]

What you need to know about summer plumbing repairs

Is there ever a convenient time to need plumbing repairs? Of course not. And that is precisely why you need a plan of action to put into place when an emergency arises. What you do in the first two minutes after a pipe bursts, for example, can determine whether the damage you incur is calculated in the hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars.

Your home’s plumbing is a system. When properly maintained, it can operate safely and efficiently for years. The problems arise when the system is neglected. Sometimes this neglect takes the form of pipes not being properly insulated, […]

Here’s one job that requires a professional plumber

When something goes wrong in your home, or when a plumbing problem arises, you have two immediate options. First, you could decide to fix it yourself. Or, you can call a professional plumber. It’s a free choice based entirely on your own knowledge and skills. So replacing a dishwasher or garbage disposal might be a do-it-yourself project. The same with replacing a sump pump or a leaking faucet.

However, there is one category of repair that we think should always involve getting a professional plumber involved: new installations that involve electricity or natural gas.

If, for example, you’re hooking up a brand […]

Now’s the time for kitchen and bath remodeling!

Summer time is a great time to tackle the remodeling of a kitchen or bath, and The Plumbing Source can save you time and money. We can handle every aspect of kitchen and bath remodeling. If you stopped by our booth at the Cleveland Home and Garden Show, you got a glimpse of what we can do.

Why you should call The Plumbing Source
There are some real advantages to working with us. Here are just a few that you should consider.

1. You’ll only have to deal with one company. No more waiting for one contractor to finish and then trying […]