Seven plumbing tips for a trouble-free New Year

Every year we make New Year’s resolutions, most often to improve some aspect of our health. Why? Because health is important to us, and we want to take care of ourselves.

Is your home important to you? Of course! It’s your biggest investment and both a source and a repository of your wealth. Then it makes sense to make some resolutions that relate to your home. Here are seven simple plumbing tips that are easy to follow but extremely important to protecting your home from unwanted, expensive repairs.

1. Fix every faucet that’s leaking, even if it’s only a little leak. Leaking […]

Protect your home with a backwater valve

Here’s something you’ve seen many times on the news: A storm rips through greater Cleveland, and some unlucky homeowners have raw sewage flowing into their basements from the floor drain. Let’s face it, you’d do anything to prevent this, wouldn’t you? There is a solution. It’s called a backwater valve.

Don’t think you’re out of danger just because summer is over! Flooded basements can just as easily occur in winter as in summer, especially when rains come atop already fallen snow. When that happens, the snow melt and rain combine to overwhelm the sewer system, sending sewage back into homes.

What is […]

We’re experts at drain cleaning and sewer line repairs

A clogged drain is a nightmare for most homeowners. This can refer to a blocked toilet, a slow draining kitchen sink, a basement drain backing up with sewage or any number of other problems. There’s only so much you can do with a toilet plunger and a quarter-inch auger. For anything but the simplest drain cleaning, you need to call in the professional at The Plumbing Source.

Whatever plumbing repair you’re undertaking, if you’re at all unsure how something works, please give us a call. A botched plumbing repair can get real expensive. Gushing water can damage surfaces, ruin sub flooring […]

How to extend the life of a water heater

One of the questions we hear a lot from customers is, “Is there anything I can do to make this water heater last as long as possible?” It’s smart to want to extend the life of a water heater! After all, replacing one is not inexpensive and when a water heater fails, you’re in for some unpleasantly cold showers.

In truth, there are a few things that really can help you wrench as much life out of your water heater as possible. Here are a few of our basic recommendations.

1. Drain and flush the water heater. This is especially important if […]

Innovative Moen faucets ideal for bathroom upgrades

Whether you’re looking to do a complete remodeling of your bathroom or just giving it a facelift,  Moen faucets should be on your shopping list. Moen makes a wide range of beautiful faucets that can enhance the elegance of any bathroom, large or small.

One innovation is the M•PACT Common Valve System that allows you to change your faucet style without changing out the plumbing. Using just two tools – an allen wrench and a screwdriver – you can change out your faucet style in minutes. Moen says it’s as easy as changing a light bulb.

What a great idea! Moen faucets […]