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  • Whether you’re looking to do a complete remodeling of your bathroom or just giving it a facelift,  Moen faucets should be on your shopping list. Moen makes a wide range of beautiful faucets that can enhance the elegance of any bathroom, large or small. One innovation is the M•PACT Common […]

  • If you’re remodeling a kitchen or bath, you’ve no doubt noticed that you have more options today than ever before. This is true whether you’re looking at flooring, cabinets, lighting fixtures or faucets. Brushed gold finish faucets from Moen are indicative of the choices you have when it comes to […]

  • We all know that kitchens throughout Northeast Ohio will be busy on Thursday as people prepare their Thanksgiving dinner. This holiday is one of those days when the kitchen gets a real workout. Imagine if you could turn your kitchen faucet on with the wave of your hard! You can […]

  • Nothing adds style to your bathroom than new faucets and a new showerhead. If you think you’ve seen everything in showerheads, think again. Moen has introduced the PropelTM showerhead that brings beauty, style and functionality to any home. The Propel showerhead is available in three finishes, so you’re sure to […]

  • Remodeling a kitchen, bath or basement can be a great, exciting experience, or it can be a nightmare. One of the biggest headaches homeowners deal with is waiting for sub-contractors to finish their piece of the project before it can move on to the next stage. Any remodeling project results […]