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Published On: February 28, 2016Categories: Uncategorized

More than one in three seniors over age 65 fall each year. According to the National Institute on Aging, 80 percent of those falls take place in the bathroom. Hard, slippery surfaces make the bathroom the most dangerous room in the home for the elderly.

Thankfully, it doesn’t take a major renovation to accommodate the safety measures recommended by experts on aging. Moen offers a full selection of products that allow people to age in place while maintaining the beauty of their bathroom.

Because people instinctively reach for a towel bar to steady themselves or regain their balance in the bathroom, installing grab bars is typically the No. 1 recommendation of experts. A towel bar should never be used as a grab bar.

Designer grab bars by Moen feature finishes such as brushed nickel, chrome, Old World bronze and oil-rubbed bronze. Styles range from traditional to contemporary in lengths from 12 inches to 42 inches — products that not only make the bathroom safer, but also make bathrooms more attractive.

Experts recommend installing at least two grab bars — at the right place and proper height for the individual who will be using them. One grab bar is there to help the user get in and out of the bathtub. The second grab bar helps the user go from a sitting to a standing position.

Grab bars, long thought of as merely utilitarian, now come in designs that offer nearly unlimited options. Moen incorporates grab bars into many of its faucet and fixture collections, in all shapes and sizes to meet any designer needs. Moen has also found ways to double grab bars as shelving units or soap trays.

Other ways to reduce bathroom hazards for the elderly include:

  • Installing a handheld shower. Moen pairs showerheads with a handheld sprayer option that can easily slide up and down on a wall-mounted rod. These types of showers allow each member of the family to set the height to their level of comfort. The handheld sprayer also doubles as a hose, giving parents the flexibility they need to clean the kids off after a day of playing in the mud. Moen’s universal designs create products that ease living across all generations.
  • Setting the water temperature on the water heater to 120° F. Moen products provide accurate temperature controls. When water is too hot or too cold, an individual has the natural instinct to move quickly out of the temperature extreme — and much more likely to slip and fall.
  • Sitting on a bath chair or bench when taking a shower. Moen’s attractive teak shower seats support up to 400 pounds and fold up and out of the way when not in use.
  • Using a transfer bench that fits across the tub’s side so a user can sit and then slide over the edge instead of climbing over.
  • Raising the toilet seat height by adding an elevated toilet seat.

These are just a few of the ways Moen accommodates the recommendations of experts on aging without sacrificing the look of today’s modern bathroom. Give us a call for more information about these and other Moen products that will help keep your loved ones safe.

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