Hire a pro for sewer line repairs and drain cleaning

Published On: May 10, 2015Categories: Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Many people, when they think of plumbers, think of ordinary household repairs, such as fixing leaking faucets or installing hot water tanks. Some of these repairs can be classified as do-it-yourself projects. But if you are at all unsure about what to do, always hire a qualified plumber – one who has the credentials, experience and knowledge to handle the job professionally from the outset.

Why? Because a botched plumbing repair can be expensive. Gushing water can damage surfaces, ruin sub flooring and lead to the growth of mold. You’ll spend far more money trying to repair a botched job than you would have spent by hiring a qualified plumber in the first place.

Larger jobs, like sewer line repair and drain cleaning, require tools and expertise that lie beyond what most homeowners are capable of. When you encounter sewer line or drain problems, call The Plumbing Source and put your mind at ease. We’re experts and can handle even the most difficult job.

Video Inspection

There are many factors that can cause a sewer line to crack. Over the years, you can have root infiltration, grease build-up, shifting soil and temperature extremes that can lead to constricted water flow or even cause a line to break. We use a sewer camera to diagnose the problem and identify the best remedy for it. We avoid digging up your yard for two reasons: first, digging is expensive, and, second, you don’t want your lawn to be ruined. Our approach is always to be as minimally intrusive as possible.

We own equipment that is incredible – top of the line Spartan sewer machines and Jetters. The Mongoose Jetter is the grand-daddy of all. This jetter is designed for extra long lines up to 600 feet in length. It will push water through with as much as 4,000 psi (pounds per square inch of pressure). Often times we are able to clear a drain without any digging at all.

Sometimes, we have to dig. In those cases, we have our own backhoes to tackle any job and professional operators. We work with utilities to make sure we don’t damage electrical or gas lines. (Hint: Don’t dig unless you know what’s beneath the surface!)

Video inspection, the right state-of-the-art  equipment and qualified plumbing pros – that’s what The Plumbing Source brings to solve your sewer and/or drain problems. When we tackle the job, it’s done right and in less than half the time you’d take trying to figure it out yourself.

When you call The Plumbing Source, you’ve made the right call. Our number is 877-768-7239. We’re here to help.

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