Get the most out of your hot water heater

Published On: February 16, 2016Categories: Rheem, Uncategorized, Water Heaters

hot-water-tankThe quality of water heaters keeps improving, and today’s energy efficient models will give you a long life of hot water comfort. But let’s face it, nothing lasts forever, and your hot water tank is no exception. Here are some things to do to extend the life of your water heater to get the most life out of it.

One of the best tips is to regularly maintain your tank. Have a plumber check your tank annually to make sure it’s functioning properly. He will be able to identify any problems before they can threaten the integrity of the tank. He’ll check the anode rod, flush the tank, and check all your connections.

We’re frequently asked how often a homeowner should drain his tank. It depends on several factors. For a household with one or two people, once a year is probably enough. If you have a larger family and you’re using lots of hot water, do it more frequently, perhaps two or three times a year. And if you have well water with a high mineral content, you may want to draw water off every month to get rid of sediment and mineral deposits. Your plumber can advise you on the best treatment plan once he inspects the tank.

Finally, if your tank starts making noises or begins to leak, call us right away. Plumbing problems only get worse when they are ignored. So don’t delay.

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