For hot water whenever you need it, consider going tankless with Rinnai

Published On: January 12, 2016Categories: Rinnai, Uncategorized, Water Heaters

The last time we had overnight guests, scheduling showers for everyone was a logistics nightmare! A 50-gallon hot water tank worked fine for the four of us, but when my brother and his family stayed with us for the holidays, we more than doubled the demand for hot water from our 5-year-old tank. 

Rinnai tankless hot water tankWith so many family members living out of town, we had planned on — and looked forward to — having overnight guests during the holidays.  Our home was large enough to accommodate everyone. We had extra guest rooms and plenty of bathrooms. What we never seemed to have enough of was hot water.

We discovered that shortage the embarrassing way when my brother’s wife went to take a shower on an earlier visit. Hers was the third consecutive shower in an evening that had also pulled hot water from the tank for two loads of laundry and a dishwasher that was still running. As a result, my sister-in-law stepped into an icy cascade.

We’ve been staggering showers ever since.

Thanks to the Rinnai brand of tankless water heaters, there’s an easier solution. I’m counting the days until the useful life of my 50-gallon tank comes to an end. That’s when I’m going to go tankless. Here are my top reasons;

Rinnai Tankless saves time, delivering hot water whenever and wherever it’s needed. No need to wait to wash clothes or run the dishwasher so someone can take a shower. Simultaneous uses at multiple fixtures? Not a problem. Simultaneous showers, baths, laundry and dishes? Not a problem. Scheduling hot water use is a thing of the past.

Rinnai Tankless is efficient — Rinnai systems use 40 percent less energy than a conventional tank system. Besides running more efficiently all year long, Rinnai tankless systems are eligible for energy efficiency rebates and tax credits.

Rinnai Tankless takes up less space — Because tankless systems do not store hot water, they are much smaller than conventional hot water tanks. Measuring about the size of a small suitcase, Rinnai tankless systems can be tucked away in a bathroom closet or attic crawl space. freeing up valuable space.

Rinnai Tankless saves money — According to a recent tank vs. tankless comparison, I’ll cut more than $100 off my annual costs to heat water as soon as I switch out my conventional natural gas tank for a high-efficiency natural gas tankless system.

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