Category: Faucets and Fixtures

  • Buying faucets and fixtures for your home used to be easy. Most stores had few brands and models to choose from, and functionality was all that counted. As a consumer, you had no choice except to make your choice from the limited selection that was available. This is no longer […]

  • If you’ve bought a new faucet or shower head in the last 25 years, you’ve probably noticed that the amount of water flowing through the fixture is lacking in pressure. This is due to the presence of a shower head flow restrictor that does what the name implies: it limits […]

  • Choosing the right color for your fixtures is an important decision to make when remodeling a kitchen or bath. Chrome fixtures once dominated the design preferences of professionals, only to be replaced by brushed nickel, brass, and even gold. Nowadays, however, designers are falling head over heels over matte black […]

  • A faucet installation is among the most common plumbing repairs that consumers need. Want to give your kitchen an inexpensive upgrade? Something eye-catching that also has incredible new technology features like hands-free controls? We suggest you start by changing out that old kitchen faucet for a brand new one from […]

  • Now that we’re heading toward summer months and warmer temperatures, it’s time to get out the garden hoses and connect them to your outdoor faucets. Most of you will do this without a hitch, but some of you are going to find out that your faucet won’t work anymore. One […]