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Published On: December 10, 2018Categories: Sewer & Drain Cleaning

drain cleaningA clogged drain is a nightmare for most homeowners. This can refer to a blocked toilet, a slow draining kitchen sink, a basement drain backing up with sewage or any number of other problems. There’s only so much you can do with a toilet plunger and a quarter-inch auger. For anything but the simplest drain cleaning, you need to call in the professional at The Plumbing Source.

Whatever plumbing repair you’re undertaking, if you’re at all unsure how something works, please give us a call. A botched plumbing repair can get real expensive. Gushing water can damage surfaces, ruin sub flooring and result in the growth of mold. You could easily end up spending far more money than you would if you’d just called us at the beginning.

Basement drain cleaning and sewer line repairs require expertise and tools that go way beyond what most homeowners can handle. For example, we’ll use video inspection to isolate the problem, and we have our own excavating equipment and drivers in case we have to dig. By working with a company that can handle all of your plumbing needs, including excavating, you’ll save time and money. And isn’t that what really counts? Who wants to live with a half-completed project that’s torn up the lawn and made a spectacle of your home!

Assessing the Damage

The first step we take is to find out what’s blocking the drain and assess the damage. You may have tree roots that infiltrated the drain line, or grease that has been building up over years. Even shifting soil due to temperature swings can lead to a restricted water flow or even cause a drain line to break.

Our goal is to be as minimally intrusive as possible to keep your costs down, but also to avoid unnecessary digging. Our sewer camera will show us where the blockage is located. Seeing the blockage will help us figure out the best way to clear it. When we do have to dig, we’ll end up tearing up a much smaller piece of your yard than other companies would who don’t have the tool for video inspections.

Introducing the Mongoose Jetter

The Plumbing Source owns top-of-the-line Spartan sewer machines and jetters. The big Mongoose Jetter is a beast designed for extra-long lines that are hundreds of feet long. It will push water through with as much as 4,000 psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure. Often times we are able to clear a drain without any digging at all.

When digging can’t be avoided, we bring our own backhoes and professional operators to tackle the job. We work with utilities to make sure we don’t damage electrical or gas lines. (Helpful hint: don’t dig if you don’t know what’s below the surface!)

Let’s recap…The Plumbing Source brings state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained and professional plumbing pros to take care of your drain cleaning and sewer line repairs. Our “one phone call handles it all” approach, you end up saving time and money.

This is why we always say, “When you call The Plumbing Source, you’ve made the RIGHT call!”

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