Our excavating service is perfect for French drains

Published On: March 10, 2020Categories: Excavating services

The warmer temperatures of the last couple of weeks have given us a hint of Spring. In other few weeks, we could be prepping our lawns for the big Spring clean-up. No doubt we’ll find flower beds that need to be cleared of leaves and all those little sticks that come out of nowhere. Unfortunately, too many of us will find the annual wet spot that won’t dry out until after Memorial Day. That wet spot is screaming for a French drain!

What is a French drain? It’s an ingenious little trench filled with gravel that surrounds a perforated pipe that directs water from where it is to a more desirable location. A French drain helps manage water at ground level. Surface water can be easily collected and routed to a drainage ditch or to a storm sewer.

Installing a French drain requires digging a ditch that slopes in the direction you want the water to flow. The ditch should be about 24 inches deep and at least 12 inches wide.  Once the ditch is dug, fill it with crushed stone and then cover the stone with landscaping fabric to keep weeds from growing into the drain.

A four-inch PVC pipe pre-drilled with holes goes on top of the gravel. Make sure the slope is not less than one inch vertical for every eight feet of length. (So a 40-foot pipe should slope at least five inches.) Wrap the pipe in landscaping fabric to keep dirt and roots from invading the pipe. Layer crushed stone on top of the pipe to grade, or you may choose to finish it with soil on top. That way grass on top of the French drain completely conceals it.

As you can imagine, the most difficult part of installing a French drain is digging the ditch. This is especially true when you have to trench 100 feet or more, which is not uncommon. It can be back-breaking work, and if you don’t get the slope right, the entire project will fail.

That’s why you should really consider calling The Plumbing Source if you have water problems on your property that require excavating service. We have the excavation equipment and trained operators on staff who can complete the job for you efficiently and professionally.

By the way, we offer our excavating service for far more than just to dig French drains. You may need a backhoe for trenching, or for work around basement foundations, or maybe for a driveway or patio expansion — the list is endless. It doesn’t matter if your project has nothing to do with plumbing! We’ll bring you the same high-quality service we give to our plumbing and HVAC customers.

We do a lot of underground sewer and water line repairs, so thinking of us for those services is a no-brainer.

Our excavating service include installations, replacement and repair of:

• Sewer and water lines
• Waterline replacement and repairs
• Sewers, storm sewer repairs
• Video camera pipe evaluations
• Standing water problems
• French drains
• Downspouts and more!

But remember, we are also available for demolition work, landscaping, or hauling away heavy objects like dirt and construction materials.

Working in a tight space? That’s not a problem for us. We’re equally efficient whether working in confined spaces or wide-open areas. So give us a call! Our backhoes, dump trucks and trailers could be just what you need!

Call us today at 216-365-0600 and let us know what you need. We’ll be there for you! Remember,

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