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Elkay kitchen sinkAny type of remodeling involves a lot of decisions. It’s the aspect I most enjoy about the whole process because it gives me the chance to select options that are just right for my family’s lifestyle. Having a lot of options to select from is important. It’s why we went with an Elkay kitchen sink when we remodeled our kitchen.

When we switched out our old sink about six months ago, we knew we wanted to replace it with a stainless steel model for that uber urban look. Having made that fundamental decision, we still had to choose from Elkay’s remarkable variety of stainless steel models that included single-, double- and triple-basin configurations.

We had to consider the options for installation. For instance, did we want the sink to sit on top of the countertop or install from underneath for a sleeker, smoother, more modern look? And what about accessories?

“Accessories?” you ask. “For a kitchen sink?!”

You bet! Elkay features custom-fit cutting boards, colanders, bottom grids and more. With all these ancillary options to consider, we gave some serious thought to how we used our kitchen sink. In the end, we selected Elkay’s three-basin stainless steel model and had it installed underneath the counter. From there, we selected the accessories that gave us the best look and function for our family’s needs.

To extend the space on our countertop for food prep, we chose Elkay’s custom-fit cutting board (made of solid maple). It fits snugly over the right basin. We grill out a lot — all year long — and it’s nice to have a secure surface to cut up raw meat for shish kabobs or carve up a cooked entree of barbecued pork, roast chicken, family steak, leg of lamb and others.

Before Elkay, I used to balance our acrylic cutting board across our old double-basin sink, resting one edge on the sink divider and the other on the countertop — a precarious arrangement at best. Inevitably, the board would move as I carved. Without warning, the edge resting on the sink divider would slip off, dumping all my nicely sliced meat into the sink. So much for presentation!

Because we plant a good-size vegetable garden every spring, we knew Elkay’s custom-fit colander would come in handy for collecting and then washing our homegrown produce. Fresh tomatoes for a garden salad? Green peppers for an omelet? Carrots for pot roast?

We just grab our Elkay colander, fill it up with fresh-picked produce and then drop it into the sink for a good scrubbing.

Elkay even makes stainless steel holders for sponges, wash cloths and bar soaps that attach magnetically to the side of the sink. Its dispensers for liquid soaps reduce unsightly clutter even more. We opted for all these as well.

Remodeling a kitchen is a major investment. Choosing a sink is only one of many decisions you will make, but it’s an important one. You’ll be living with your new kitchen sink for a long, long time. The professionals at The Plumbing Source will help you choose what’s right for your family.

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