What to check when you have low water pressure

Published On: November 29, 2017Categories: Plumbing Repairs

faucet with low water pressureSometimes low water pressure can be a symptom of a major plumbing problem. However, there are other times when low pressure is caused by a condition that’s very easy for a homeowner to fix on his own. In this blog post, we’re going to give you a few things to check when dealing with low water pressure. Do these first to see if the problem gets resolved. If not, then it’s time to bring in a qualified professional plumber.

Possible causes of low water pressure

Let’s try to eliminate some of the easy causes. The first would be a clogged aerator on the faucet where you notice the low pressure, most likely at the kitchen sink. If you have hard water or well water with lots of calcium present, your aerators can become corroded and clogged.

The good news is that you can buy a six-pack of aerators for a few bucks at any hardware store, and putting one in is easy. Try this first, and you might just have found the solution to your water pressure problem.

Next, you should check to make sure your shut-off valves are completely open. Start with the main shut-off valve. Try closing and opening it to make sure it’s working properly. If the handle feels stiff and doesn’t move smoothly, you could have a corroded valve that’s getting hung up before opening completely. This would cause low water pressure all throughout the house.

Next check your hot water tank’s shut-off valve to make sure it, too, is open all the way. If you’re experiencing low water pressure only from hot water, then you should call a plumber and have your water heater looked at. Water heater problems can result in poor water pressure.

Finally, you should check for leaks. Look under sinks and all around crawl spaces and other areas to make sure your pipes aren’t leaking. Do you ever hear dripping noises after you shower? Can you hear anything gurgling in the basement walls where water lines come into the house? If so, you have a leak, and it’s time to bring in the pros.

These are the easiest and most obvious steps to take when you have low water pressure. If your valves are open and you can’t detect a leak anywhere, then you should call a plumber – something somewhere in your system just isn’t right. It could be that your pipes have become partially clogged by minerals and sediment. An experienced plumber can help you get to the root of the problem quickly and efficiently.

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