Best to leave plumbing repairs to the pros: here’s why

Published On: August 27, 2017Categories: Uncategorized

No matter what kind of home you live in – old or new, one-floor or multi-floor, modern or historic – the day will come when you’re faced with a plumbing repair (or two). You may be tempted to think the repair is small and easy to handle. Be careful! Make one mistake with a plumbing repair and you can facing serious water damage and other hazards. And instead of saving money, you could be spending hours hunting for parts and tools and spending well above what a plumber would have charged to fix the problem.

So when should you call a plumber? Here are a couple situations where you should probably bring in a professional.

Does the job require use of a propane torch?
Unless you’re skilled at soldering pipes and do it regularly, you should call a plumber. The risk of a leak is just too high, and soldering, though not difficult, is tricky if you’re unfamiliar with the process. The last thing you want is a broken or burst pipe and a botched repair to clean up! Call a plumber and relax.

Do you need a permit?
Anytime you’re doing a room addition or changing the footprint of a bathroom or kitchen, or doing plumbing work that requires a permit, you should hire a professional. The work will have to be inspected, so make sure you hire a plumbing professional who will do the job right and stand behind his work.

Does the job involve both water and electricity?
If so, put down your pipe wrench and call a plumber, especially when installing a new appliance like a dishwasher or a water heater. Admittedly, swapping out a dishwasher might be in your wheelhouse; if so, go for it. Installing a new one is a different story, since you’re dealing with intake and discharge lines and putting in new electrical connections. Make a mistake here and you could have leaks that will ruin your subfloor and a real risk of electrical shock. It’s a real risk that’s just not worth taking.

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