Broken Pipe Replacement and Repair in Cleveland

Broken Pipe Replacement and Repair in Cleveland, Ohio

Is your sewer line acting up? Do you need to install new piping between your main supply line and your home? Is it time to replace some piping that’s seen better days?

If you’re like the typical homeowner, you dread the prospect of having a buried pipe repaired or replaced.

It’s understandable to feel anxious. The idea of someone digging a trench in your yard can be stressful — unless you work with professionals. Our efficient specialists in broken pipe replacement and repair in Cleveland, Ohio, use modern techniques and equipment to dig only where necessary, alleviating your distress.

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The Cleveland Experts in Replacing or Repairing Broken Pipes

We’re the go-to experts in broken pipe replacement and repair in Cleveland, Ohio. Our team has decades of combined experience and is dedicated to delivering the best possible customer service.

We know the importance of an operational plumbing system. That’s why we’ll work as fast as we can without impacting the quality of work. We deliver outstanding service by conducting high-quality, rapid repairs.

Whether your problem is an underground pipe or a pipe in plain sight, we have the right solution.

Broken Pipe Replacement and Repair Services

Trenchless Repairs
In the old days, plumbers made an educated guess using a length of piping, such as a plumber’s snake, to locate a pipeline break. This was something of a hit and miss method. The plumber knew the length of the piping and assumed the pipes ran along a reasonably straight line. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.

Digging up the area to inspect it was the only sure way back then. Inspecting the inside of the pipes for small cracks and breaks was impossible.

For basic repairs, it’s no longer necessary to dig full trenches. Modern technology employs a plumber’s snake to inspect for damage using an attached camera and sonar unit. The processing unit delivers an accurate read for the exact location of the break.

Pipe Lining
If there’s a break in the pipe, but the structure is otherwise sound, pipe lining might be a cost-effective repair. With this method, we gain access to the piping system and clear out the broken bits and debris.

Then we feed a liner saturated in epoxy along with a bladder into the pipe. Once the liner is in the correct position, we inflate the bladder to push the new liner snugly against the walls of the pipeline. We then allow the epoxy to cure and remove the bladder.

The new piping is secure and durable. A pipe-lining installation delays the need for whole system replacement.