Boiler Installation and Repair in Cleveland

Boiler Installation and Repair in Cleveland, Ohio

Many homes and businesses in Cleveland, Ohio, still use boilers for heating. This is because they’re reliable and energy-efficient. Once installed, a boiler should remain operational for decades before any upgrade or replacement is needed. However, that doesn’t guarantee that they’ll always work perfectly. Boilers still require proper maintenance through regular servicing and parts replacement.

How well your boiler performs and how long it lasts depend on the expertise of the contractor who services it. Professional and skilled contractors like the ones at The Plumbing Source understand the intricacies of modern boilers and how to fine-tune them for maximum longevity. If you are looking for boiler installation and repair in Cleveland, Ohio, they’re the right team to call. We have a crew of boiler specialists who can fix and restore any malfunctioning boiler quickly and affordably.

When you need professional boiler installation and repair in Cleveland, give The Plumbing Source a call today, toll-free on 877-768-7239. We will be happy to assist you.

Live just outside of Cleveland? No worries, we serve nearly all of Northeast Ohio – you can check out our full-service area here: The Plumbing Source Service Areas.

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Hassle-free boiler servicing and repair in Cleveland

When your boiler starts emitting strange smells, making unusual noises, or leaking water, it is a sign that something is not right. Only a dependable contractor can assess where the problem is and recommend a solution. Get in touch with Plumbing Source, a trusted local boiler servicing-and-repair company for all residential and commercial heating systems. When you give us a call regarding your inefficient boiler or (dead boiler), we will dispatch a boiler specialist to attend to you and provide excellent service to resolve the issue.

We have developed our own in-house boiler analysis, servicing, and repair checklist that helps our teams promptly assess any problematic boiler and tailor their solution to the specific needs of each customer. Delivering results that last is at the top of our list of company values. Moreover, for boiler part replacements, we only use high-quality materials.

How would you know if you need to call us to assess the performance of your boiler?

  • The boiler or the radiator does not heat up.
  • You can hear whistling, rumbling, gurgling, kettling, or banging noises.
  • The thermostat reading is not accurate.
  • There is dripping and leaking or an unusual smell.
  • Low water pressure.
  • Freezing in the condensate pipe.
  • The boiler turns off on its own.

If you notice any of these symptoms from your boiler, you need to call us immediately. Note that a lack of (or improper) regular servicing often causes a boiler to break down.

The Plumbing Source can help prevent severe problems as well as costly repairs with regular, thorough servicing.

Do you need a boiler installed?

Because boilers have a long lifespan, there may be cases in which homeowners and property managers are forced to grapple with whether to repair an old boiler or replace the central heating system. If you are in this predicament, you can consult one of our boiler specialists to get personalized advice regarding safety, energy efficiency, and cost factors to help you make the right decision.

If you need to replace your boiler—or install a new one—our boiler experts can help you select the ideal type, size, and even brand of a boiler heating system based on your home or office heating needs. Every installation begins with a thorough survey of the home or building, including the piping and heating location. We also like to follow-up with our customers after the installation to ensure that the new boiler works as well as expected.

Why choose us?

The Plumbing Source is a convenient one-stop-shop for all things heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. We are a family of HVAC experts with a common goal to make our customers’ lives easier and comfortable. Across Cleveland, we’re known for providing superior utility services thanks to a team of professional licensed, insured, and bonded contractors. Because our customers are our friends first, we strive to accommodate them with flexible appointment times, 24-hour customer service by phone, and guarantees on our workmanship and parts.

The boiler is one of the most critical appliances in your home or office. Should your boiler stop working properly, it can cause a significant inconvenience to you or your family members, particularly during the winter months. The same applies to boilers installed in a business property. We often advise our customers to have us on their speed-dial, specifically for such situations.

The Plumbing Source should be your first resort if you are looking for the best service in boiler installation and repair in Cleveland, Ohio. Call our office or visit us today to learn how our technicians can help with all your boiler needs.