Northeast Ohio is undergoing a genuine heat wave, and the summer is expected to be hot right through August and into September. If you’re having trouble withair conditioning repair service man your air conditioning, give us a call. We service and repair air conditioning and furnace systems, and with our fleet of trucks, service is just around the corner.

You might not think of calling a company with “plumbing” in its name for HVAC problems, but since we acquired Staples Heating and Cooling in 2014, we’ve been serving our customers heating and cooling needs throughout the region. What’s more, often times there is a relationship between plumbing, heating and air conditioning, especially when you get into a remodeling job.

We even have our own remodeling division –– something we started years ago out of frustration from having to wait on suppliers and vendors to finish a job. Now, you make one call to The Plumbing Source, and we can give you a complete estimate, manage all aspects of the job with our own employees and save you both time and money in the process.

So if this week’s heat wave has you steaming, relax and call The Plumbing Source. We’ll get you back into comfort in no time at all. Our HVAC service will restore your comfort and go easy on your wallet.

For any heating or cooling problem, call your 24-hour comfort hotline: 330-626-1676.