Getting the right air conditioning system key to your comfort

This is really shaping up to be a warm summer in Northeast Ohio, isn’t it? Well, this won’t be the last one! If you’ve had it with the heat, maybe we should talk!

The Plumbing Source is committed to help you find the right heating and cooling system for your family and your home. We think getting the right system for your home ultimately gives you the best comfort, energy efficiency and performance reliability. That’s why we recommend furnaces, air conditioners, and humidifiers from American Standard.

We’ll begin by doing an analysis of your current system to see if the capacity is […]

Air conditioning repairs you can count on

Northeast Ohio is undergoing a genuine heat wave, and the summer is expected to be hot right through August and into September. If you’re having trouble with your air conditioning, give us a call. We service and repair air conditioning and furnace systems, and with our fleet of trucks, service is just around the corner. […]