Easy plumbing maintenance tips for your home

Every home is bound to have some plumbing problems sooner or later. It has been that way since pipes first carried water. The key is to find and fix small problems before they grow into major issues. […]

When you should really, really hire a professional plumber!

Some people want to do every repair themselves. They thrive on the challenges that crop up with owning a home. They actually enjoy wrestling a problem to the ground and coming out the victor – it’s almost an obsession, and we think that’s perfectly okay. […]

The case for tankless water heaters

When your water heater gets old, the first thought that comes to most homeowners’ minds is a finding a replacement. To worsen the dilemma, you have to choose between two alternatives with their own unique set of rewards. Most people choose the cheaper alternative. However, this may not be a good choice because it might not satisfy all your heating needs. You need to take into consideration installation cost, the longevity of the product and long-term cost benefits. That is why the best choice may be to buy a tankless water heater over a conventional water heater for the following reasons.

Consider the Cost

Tankless water heaters […]