Hire a pro for sewer line repairs and drain cleaning

Many people, when they think of plumbers, think of ordinary household repairs, such as fixing leaking faucets or installing hot water tanks. Some of these repairs can be classified as do-it-yourself projects. But if you are at all unsure about what to do, always hire a qualified plumber – one who has the credentials, experience and knowledge to handle the job professionally from the outset. […]

Tankless or conventional water heaters: Which is best for you?

Tankless water heaters first arrived on the North American marketplace in the early 1980s, but primitive technology limited their popularity until much more recently. Homeowners faced with unexpected plumbing repairs need good, honest, non-technical information in order to make the best buying decisions. That’s why we’re offering you: […]

When should you replace your hot water heater?

The decision to replace your home’s hot water heater may be made for you, when the unit fails. You need time to choose wisely, so waiting until catastrophic failure, such as a flood from a ruptured tank, is not wise. Recognize the four signs of the need for a new water heater and your careful planning will bring you an energy-efficient, reasonably priced water heater that provides years of trouble-free service. […]