Three major benefits of a tankless hot water heater

Replacing your home’s water heater is stressful for all families. Choosing the right heater, however, isn’t as hard as you may think. Technology has improved non-traditional water heaters, removing nearly all the downsides to choosing a tankless heater – leaving only a slightly higher installation bill. This small extra cost is weighted against three amazing benefits.
Continuous Water Supply
Your family will enjoy a continuous supply of hot water from a tankless heater. The water is drawn through a series of coils to instantly heat your water and deliver it to your faucet. Choosing the right size hot water heater can eliminate the need to arrange […]

How big a hot water heater do you really need?

When installing a new hot water heater, it is important to choose the right size for your home and family. One that’s too big will increase your utility bills, but one that’s too small won’t provide enough hot water. Here’s how to determine what size hot water heater your family needs.
Storage Tank Water Heaters
Traditional storage water heaters need to hold enough water in their tank to meet your family’s peak demand. Every water heater has a first hour rating (FHR), which you can use to determine if a storage tank is large enough for your family.
To calculate your family’s desired FHR, […]